Wine region Germany

About 80,000 winegrowers cultivate wine on about 102,000 hectares, harvesting an average of about 9.25 million hectoliters per vintage over a ten-year period. The average yield is a very high 90-100 hectoliters/hectare. 3.9 million hectoliters were exported, especially to the USA (257,000 hl), the Netherlands (217,000 hl) and Great Britain (173,000 hl).

The largest wine-growing region is Rheinhessen with 26,516 hectares, followed by the Palatinate with 23,489 hectares and Baden with 15,815 hectares. Rheinhessen and Pfalz belong to Rhineland-Palatinate, the federal state with the most winegrowing areas and two-thirds of the German cultivated area.

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