Mild and balanced climate
Main variety Riesling

Wine region Moselle

The region represents the largest steep slope winegrowing area in the world and the largest Riesling growing area in the world with over 5,300 ha. The region produced 669,125 hl of wine in 2012. The steepest vineyard in the world is the Bremmer Calmont with a slope of about 65 degrees. In many cases, the single-pole or Moselpfahlerziehung, which has been known since Roman times, still dominates, but is gradually being replaced by modern wire systems, even on steep slopes. The soils in the Moselle wine region consist of slate (Saar, Ruwer, Middle and Lower Moselle) and shell limestone (Upper Moselle). In 1967, the Mosel-Saar-Ruwer wine brotherhood was founded.

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