BIO-Winery K+K KIRNBAUER, Deutschkreutz

Rotweinweg 1
7301 Deutschkreutz
+43 (0) 2613 89722

BIO-Winery K+K KIRNBAUER, Deutschkreutz

The K + K Kirnbauer winery is run as a family business. The whole family works to produce the best wine for you.
The family winery towers above the rooftops of Blaufränkischland. Here the sun pampers the vines 300 days a year. Together with the heavy soils, the best red wines thrive here on the winery’s 40 hectares of vineyards.

The harmony of wine and wood is THE philosophy of the house. They are fully committed to sustainable cultivation: conservation of nature and resources should also enable future generations to enjoy optimal wine-growing conditions.

Special wines:
Austrian winemaking history was written in 1987 with “The Phantom”, marking the beginning of the cuvée culture. Zweigelt GIRMER Reserve – matured in barrique barrels made from wood from our own forest. FOREVER – a great cuvée of Cabernet and Merlot, matured for 36 months in barriques. Forever in terms of length and ageing potential.

“Our wines stand for lasting enjoyment, Pannonian joie de vivre and are an expression of our identity,” Markus Kirnbauer sums up the attitude.

Our wines

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