Winery DÖLLINGER, Weinviertel

Neubaugasse 22 2214 Auersthal Oostenrik
+43 (0) 676 544 6689

Winery Döllinger, Weinviertel

Since 1980, the winery has been producing only quality and Prädikat wines, they also have a wide range of brandies and since 2014 they also have fruit nectars in their assortment. They do not select the vineyard for the most convenient cultivation, but for the optimal varietal location.

Those familiar with the rolling hills of the Weinviertel region may be surprised: But there are steep slopes here, too. Cabernet Sauvignon thrives magnificently on the Junge Pointen vineyard. The grapes are processed entirely at the winery in Neubaugasse, where the white wines are stored and aged in stainless steel tanks and the red wines in barrique cellars.

Currently, the winery manages about 20 hectares of vineyards and 2 hectares of orchards. Matthias is the son of the house and already junior manager in the business. Gerda and Josef mainly take care of the delivery of the wine, their tours take them all over Austria. In addition to delivery, they also focus on the work in the vineyard, which they share with Matthias and Katharina.

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