Organic-Winery ZEDERBAUER, Kremstal

Maria Lagergasse 30
3511 Palt
+43 (0) 2732 82931

Organic-Winery ZEDERBAUER, Palt/Krems

The winery has been family-owned since 1854 and has been passed on and managed from generation to generation in a tradition-conscious manner ever since.

The development of the winery is in the hands of the sixth generation. In 2019, Franz and Barbara took over the winery. They are actively supported in the cultivation of the 11 hectares of vineyards by their parents, Franz and Herta.

As early as 2014, they converted the entire farm to organic viticulture. Their wines have been certified organic since the 2017 vintage. The main reasons for this development were conservation measures and the careful treatment of nature.

They still have a lot of plans for the coming years. One of their most important goals is to constantly improve wine production through innovative thinking and trying out new methods. The focus is on the quality of the wines through gentle processing.

“They get the best out of every harvest and give the wines the chance to develop their own character.”

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